How to Get Rid of Roaches

Very few do not know that there are more ways to kill roaches than just spraying the house using insecticides or using dust. Roaches multiply very fast and they have known to go for very long periods without water of food. There are other several methods of tackling the menace. These methods if properly applied are just as effective as the commonly known ones regardless of the type of roaches being targeted.

Eliminate Water, Food and Hiding Places

Roaches need three things to survive: water, food and hiding place. Eliminating these conditions remain one of the single and most effective ways of talking the menace.

Most of the food that roaches feed on normally come from food leftovers and such as sanitation in the kitchen should be improved.

It is never possible to fully eliminate water in any house. If at least 80% of the water can be removed, then it is better. Ensure all the leaking taps and pipes are repaired, drying all tubs, taps, and showers and plugging the drains, all the wet cleaning clothes and sponges should be taken outside to dry and finally ensuring that all utensils are dry before retiring to bed.

Roaches move at night and hide during the day. When their hiding places are eliminated, roaches will be forced to come out in the open. All the crevices and cracks should be covered with glue or any suitable adhesive, use fine wire mesh to cover all any hole that does not cover such as those providing ventilation and finally ensure that all appliances holes are well covered. Roaches tend to live in computers, fridges if there are gaping holes for their entry.

Use of sprays and Baits

roachesAfter finishing with sanitation, use can proceed and eliminate the remaining roaches. The spray can be in the form of insecticide and should be concentrated enough while the bait will be used to draw out the roaches from their hideout for subsequent elimination. The baits that are used should be rotated after every month or week to ensure that there is no resistance to the bait and also the whole house is covered.

Use of Insect Growth Regulators

After using the above methods successfully, there may still exist oothecae, eggs that may hatch in the next one month. Insect growth regulators will come in handy to break the life cycle. This is mostly at either the egg or larvae development stages. The IGRs are normally in a solution form which is sprayed at the hideout places of the roaches.

In conclusion, when looking at how to get rid of roaches in your house, a lot of effort should be put into the sanitation. This is the surest way of elimination.


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