Three Clear Signs that Your Roof Requires Immediate Replacement

Three Clear Signs that Your Roof Requires Immediate Replacement

Does your roof show signs of deterioration? Perhaps there are visible water spots on your ceiling, or even it’s already leaking? Maybe it’s time to get them checked by a professional roofing service, so peace of mind can return to your household once more. Roof Replacements services are doing God’s work as they help return peace of mind to homeowners and heal their deteriorating roofing back to sturdy and robust condition. Here are several red flags that indicate that your roof requires immediate replacing:

Water Spots

Water Spots

Visible water spots on your ceiling are a clear indication that there is leakage coming from your roof that causes water from the outside to enter the vicinity. People often overlook water spots and think of something that’ll go away if left alone, boy, were they wrong. Such misinformation can lead to water overflow and in-flooding that are dangerous to your family members and could be very costly. 

You can fix them yourself should you prefer the DIY method that YouTube offers, but it won’t last very long because you are not equipped with the proper skill and experience to execute a roof replacement flawlessly. Only by hiring a roof replacement specialist can you get total assurance that your roof will no longer leak liquid from the outside.

Cracked Asphalts

Cracked Asphalt

Many old school buildings and housing used asphalt roofing shingles that are cost-efficient and long-lasting but won’t hold much should they be left unmaintained and mismanaged. A typical asphalt roof could last up to 20 years, but many factors could lead to them being worn out before reaching the maximum expected period, such as exposure to the natural elements, lack of maintenance, debris, etc. Your asphalt roofing that’s left unmaintained could be cracked and worn out, and that is a clear indication that they need immediate replacement. 

Dark Streaks

Roof Moss

Your roof is prone to dark streaks from airborne moss and algae that can latch onto your roof and make love nests everywhere. They can hasten the aging process of your roof and turn them unsightly to the eyes of you and your local residents. Now, if you care about aesthetics and feng-shui, you should have them replaced immediately to improve your roof’s useful life and entire aesthetic. 

Even though moss could be scraped off from the roof’s surface, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t come back and latch on once you’re gone. Only a professional knows best how to dispose of these pesky free-loaders without damaging your roofing. Schedule an appointment today to check if your roof requires immediate replacement or not!

John Ford